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What does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

What does Workers’ Compensation Cover?

Workers’ compensation is an important type of insurance purchased by employers all over California for their employees. This insurance helps employees who are injured or who fall ill while performing duties related to their employment. Some workers’ compensation policies can also provide payment to the beneficiaries of workers who have been killed while on the job. It all depends on the type of coverage purchased by your employer. Today, we will examine what workers’ compensation covers so you know what to expect if ever injured or sickened on the job in California.

Medical Expenses

As the claim is being investigated by your employer’s insurance provider you are eligible for up to $10,000 in medical expenses. This means that any hospital bills, medical transportation bills, medical testing bills, prescription costs, surgeries, medical equipment and visits to the emergency room will all be covered by your employer’s workers’ compensation insurance. Medical expenses can pile up quickly even for the most minor of injuries, which is why it’s important to file your claim immediately.

Ongoing Care

Will the injury you suffered on the job require ongoing care? If so, your employer’s insurance might cover the need for ongoing care. Employees can still receive payments from their employer even after they’ve returned to work. For example, maybe the injury you suffered is not serious enough to force you to miss work but instead place you on light duty while going through rehabilitation. The insurance can pay for the rehabilitation appointments as you recover from your injuries.

Missed Wages

Quite possibly one of the most important things that workers’ compensation covers is missed wages. A work-related injury or illness might force you to miss extended time on the job. Instead of going into financial ruin you file a claim with your employer who then provides you with a portion of your salary. Workers’ compensation will provide you with up to two-thirds of your salary should you miss time at work due to an injury or illness suffered on the job. The money received from workers’ compensation will help you pay the utility bills, the grocery bills, and any other monthly expenses.

Funeral Costs

If you or a loved one dies because of an injury or illness suffered on the job it’s possible that the workers’ compensation plan from the employer will help pay for the funeral costs. If so, this can be a huge burden lifted off your shoulders since funerals cost thousands of dollars. This part of workers’ compensation will only kick in if the employee was injured or sickened while performing their job, not commuting to or from work.

Schedule a Consultation with an Attorney

If you have suffered an injury or illness on the job in Upland, California it’s in your best interest to schedule a consultation with an attorney. Donald S. Fair has been practicing workers’ compensation law since 1991 representing clients who have suffered work-related accidents and injuries. Call Donald S. Fair today to schedule your consultation at 1-909-949-0317. The sooner you file a claim, the sooner you can begin receiving benefits for your injury or illness


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