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Warehouse Accident

Warehouse Accident

Warehouse Injuries

Working in a warehouse is a difficult and dangerous job. There are various ways in which an employee can suffer an injury that could lead to disability, paralyzation and even death. The work performed in a warehouse can vary from inventory to labeling to moving heavy items to packaging to loading and unloading trucks to arranging for shipments and more.


Not every task will have risk of injury involved, such as labeling packages or making phone calls to arrange for shipments, but the majority of tasks performed in a warehouse can lead to injuries. Suffering a warehouse injury or losing a loved one due to a warehouse accident can be devastating. An experienced California warehouse injuries attorney can help you recover the compensation you deserve.

Common Warehouse Accidents

Below is a list of the most common warehouse accidents that can lead to varying degrees of injuries:

  • Truck accidents: Trucks are commonplace at warehouses. Whether they park outside the warehouse at a loading dock or are driven through a garage door into the warehouse they can cause tragic accidents. Warehouse employees need to avoid walking behind a truck that is backing up, always make sure they are visible to drivers, and make sure the truck’s load is secure before it leaves the warehouse.
  • Forklift accidents: Forklifts are important pieces of equipment used in every warehouse. Never overload a forklift as it can tip over and crush employees on the ground. All forklift operators should be properly trained before they use the equipment.
  • Falls and loading dock accidents: Falls and other loading dock accidents are quite common in warehouses of all sizes. Workers need to be cognizant of where the end of a dock is and always be aware of their surroundings. Workers can be crushed by materials being unloaded, by trucks, and by forklifts on the docks.
  • Hit by objects: It’s not uncommon for warehouse workers to be hit by objects while on the job. A box can fall from a shelf onto a worker, a product can be thrown from a machine or truck and hit a worker or equipment could fall from heights.
  • Overexertion: warehouse workers are known to suffer from overexertion. This is when too much stress is put on the body by trying to lift too much at one time. Warehouse workers can suffer injuries to their arms, legs, shoulders, back and neck when they exert too much energy.

What Are My Options?

Victims of a warehouse accident have two options in the aftermath: filing a personal injury lawsuit or filing a workers’ compensation claim. If you decide to file a personal injury lawsuit you can do so seeking compensation for your medical expenses, lost wages, loss of consortium, pain and suffering and loss of companionship if your spouse was killed in a warehouse accident.

If you choose to file a workers’ compensation claim you should do so as soon as possible after you suffer the warehouse injury. You will receive roughly two-thirds of your salary, which is not taxed, to help pay for medical expenses and to replace your income. Accepting workers’ compensation benefits from your employer removes your right to sue the employer.

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