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Investigation Uncovers Underreported Injuries in Tesla Factory

Investigation Uncovers Underreported Injuries in Tesla Factory

Few companies have hit the headlines quite as much as Tesla in recent years, thanks to its larger-than-life CEO and cutting-edge creations. However, some allege that behind all of the glitz and glamour, Tesla has failed to protect its employees, provide proper treatment for injuries, and report injuries to governing bodies.

Medical Clinic Did Not Provide Proper Treatment to Injured Employees

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Tesla maintains its own medical clinic for its employees. In an investigative report by Reveal, it’s alleged that the clinic regularly offered substandard treatment to employees. Clinic care providers sent employees back to the production line after serious injuries and claimed that many injuries were not work-related, even when employees provided evidence that they were hurt on the job. In one case, a line worker suffered a serious back injury and was sent back to work to wait for a clinic appointment, despite the fact that he could barely walk.

When the clinic dismissed an injury as unrelated to work, staff members would send injured employees to the hospital by Lyft instead of ambulance. By failing to report these injuries, the company limited employees’ ability to file for workers’ compensation.

Clinic Under Pressure to Avoid Reporting Injuries

All of these actions are the result of intense pressure put on the Tesla clinic. The report indicates that Tesla pressured clinic staff to limit injury reports in order to minimize liability for the company. Care providers were told to stop prescribing exercises to staff, which would reduce the amount of injuries the company was required to report. These reports are backed up by former clinic employees, who called the clinic’s practice unethical and unsafe.

The clinic itself has come under fire for its treatment practices. The state board investigated Tesla’s practices and found several inconsistencies between the company’s claims and how the clinic actually runs. While executives claimed that the clinic had three full-time doctors on staff, there was only one on-site doctor. During the night shift, the clinic was often staffed by medical assistants who were expected to work outside their scope of practice.

Tesla Received Financial Incentives While Failing to Protect Workers

Tesla Inc. is perhaps one of the fastest growing companies in California, and as a result, it gets a substantial amount of money from the California Alternative Energy and Advanced Transportation Financing Authority for its efforts to lower greenhouse gas emissions. Although the company and its executives may be benefiting financially, employees who are told to keep injuries to themselves or cover their own expenses related to a workplace injury may be the ones making the largest sacrifices.

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