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Industrial Accident Kills Two in California

Industrial Accident Kills Two in California

Industrial Accident

Shortly before noon on a sunny Saturday in January, law enforcement officers arrived at a Fresno County farm to respond to a call about a tragic workplace accident. What they found was reminiscent of so many workplace accidents: skilled workers for whom one decision changed everything.

Tragedy at a Fresno County Farm

What led to this fatal accident? While working with an almond shaker, workers noticed that the machine’s arms were no longer working. Two employees climbed under the machine to repair the hoses for the hydraulic lines. During the repair, the machine arms fell and crushed the employees. The accident appears to have taken place because the employees did not set the machine arm on the ground prior to beginning the repair, a step that would have kept them safe.

Even Experienced Workers Are at Risk

Some believe that workplace accidents primarily put new employees at risk. While new employees are prone to mistakes that become less likely with training and time, experienced workers may become complacent and become less stringent about safety regulations over time.

Perhaps that’s what occurred during this Fresno County industrial accident. The daughter of one of the victims notes that he was extremely careful in the workplace and always took necessary precautions, so the incident shocked the family.

The investigation into this incident is ongoing. California OSHA is looking into the incident to find out whether or not safety precautions were ignored and if protocols need to be changed.

Protecting Your Rights After a Workplace Accident

A workplace accident may have consequences that last decades, which is why it’s crucial to reach out to workers’ compensation lawyers in Upland, CA as soon as an accident occurs. Victims may feel ashamed after an incident, particularly if they have worked in their field for a long time and feel that the incident may be their fault.

Other circumstances make it difficult for workplace accident victims to get the compensation they deserve. Some employers try to get workers to sign forms claiming full responsibility for accidents, while others pressure employees to avoid seeking treatment or reporting incidents to the proper authorities. By the time employees change their mind and seek relief, it may be too late to demonstrate the cause of their injuries.

Immediately after a workplace incident occurs, it’s crucial to seek medical attention and legal counsel. Documentation is an essential aspect of workers’ compensation, and your attorney can ensure that all necessary medical reports, accident and incident forms, and financial documents are properly accounted for.

Get Help With Your Workers’ Compensation Case in Upland

Whether you’ve been the victim of an industrial incident, a vehicle accident, or another type of workplace injury, we’re here to help. With the help of experienced workers’ compensation lawyers in Upland, CA, you can find out who is responsible for your accident and whether or not you are entitled to damages. Discuss your case in greater detail by calling Donald S. Fair at (909) 949-0317. With nearly three decades of experience, he has the in-depth knowledge needed to handle your case.

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