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Brutal Industrial Accident Takes Employee’s Life in Gardena

Brutal Industrial Accident Takes Employee’s Life in Gardena

Employees at manufacturing and industrial companies know that there’s inherent risk in the work they do every day, but no one should have to go to work expecting their daily duties to take their life. Whether an accident is caused by faulty machinery, overworked employees trying to meet an unreasonable schedule, or carelessness, incidents occur at California factories every day.

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In February 2019, an employee at German Machined Products Inc. in Gardena lost his life in a tragic workplace accident. The employee was doing maintenance inside a machine when the machine was turned on. Employees called emergency services, and the fire crew arrived on the scene five minutes later. At that point, it was too late.

German Machined Company Inc.

German Machined Company Inc. is a company that creates and assembles machines for the aerospace industry. This international company’s been around since 1972. Its work practices and training protocols are under investigation as a result of the employee’s death.

Investigating the Deadly Accident

When such a shocking and brutal accident occurs, a full investigation is necessary. In fact, it’s ideal when multiple agencies look into a company’s practices after an accident like this one; while a company’s investigators may miss problematic training procedures and safety protocols, outside agencies are often able to identify these risks.

Several government agencies are looking into this incident. Police investigators are conducting a full investigation, since it is not reported yet whether the incident was intentional or accidental. If someone intentionally turned the machine on while an employee was inside, this would become a criminal matter instead of an occupational safety matter.

The California Division of Occupational Safety and Health is also examining safety procedures and the work culture at German Machined Company Inc. If their analysis finds unsafe work practices, insufficient safety protocols, poor training procedures, or anything else that may have contributed to the employee’s death, citations and other penalties are likely.

Staying Safe at Work in California

Employees should always have their own best interests in mind while working. When companies strive to maximize productivity and efficiency, worker safety often falls to the wayside. If a worker suspects that a company is cutting corners in training or encouraging unsafe work practices, they should seek the advice of an attorney rather than put themselves at risk.

After a workplace incident that injures or kills an employee, it is essential for the victim or their family to reach out to an experienced workers’ compensation lawyer. Employers may downplay the severity of an incident or discourage an injured employee from getting the medical care they need. An attorney can fight to protect an injured worker’s rights and file a workers’ compensation claim.

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